The gurney is hard, the fluorescence above it humming. Nubbing legs dangle over the side of the frame, an IV port pinching the tender skin on top of my hand every time I forget not to move it. A single, nearly square corkboard on the wall beside holds a smattering…

After not one, but two, articles appeared in major newspapers covering so-called “White Christian Nationalists”’ devotion to the Trump regime, I figured that piece I’d been toying with writing had better hit the page. God’s inspiration should never be ignored, after all. Oh; and, believe me: I mean that, sincerely.

circa 2015

Tables. They serve many functions, most recently as “catch-alls” for everything lacking its own place.

Time was, they had a purpose.

Like the rest of the hundreds of thousands, all this week I’ve been scrolling. I’ve seen you. Many of us only now realize that presenting family photos reveals one…

Since when is everything “mine”, now?

I think I first saw it in our regional EPO slogan. “YOUR Erie Philharmonic.” Suddenly, the team of physicians at LECOM were also mine. (Funny; I did take that bait, and haven’t regretted the amazing Drs. Lin, Dulabon, or Lynch.) But, then, all the…

For so many, this has been a week of gutting loss.

When truly terrible things happen to other humans, everyone processes the reality. Some are able to remain detached, almost reflective or even cerebral. Others personalize. But, whether subliminal or literal, from its affect there is no true escape. …

God won’t be reading this.

He’s too busy watching over his chosen few.

You know the type. Always “blessed”. Always proclaiming their countless blessings, to the world, specifically on social media.

Invariably, such blessings only qualify if they can be held in the hand, like, okay, say, the handle to…

I love the past.

1970’s superstar Billy Joel has his own SiriusXM station. Unlike the breadth of his continuing career, he gets to keep Channel 30 for just a few weeks, kind of like a feature. I’ve been enjoying his retrospective, while driving to the Food Co-op, or out on…

I’m so happy and encouraged that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can feel loved and accepted now, at least in theory and, increasingly, by law.

Now, I hope that straight people and gay people alike can befriend, hire, promote, and even fire without regard for sexual identity.

Nobody ever likes to feel pre-empted because of sexual identity. Women hate it when men do it; men hate it when women do it; minorities hate it when majorities do it; majorities hate it when minorities do it; gays hate it when straights do it; straights hate it when gays do it.

Let’s choose our friends, our colleagues, our employees, our managers, our leaders, on inherent merit and value, alone.


Let’s at least try, and see if we can.

love XO,

Ruth Ann Scanzillo

Originally published at ©6/30/19

Sixth grade stands out.

I think it’s because that is the year girls team up. Teaming, in and of itself, can be a good thing — I suppose sociologists would say that young females, approaching puberty, unconsciously network in advance of the hormonal onslaught which will, unquestionably, completely upset their…


Two men had said “I love you” to her within five years of each other. They were both drunk.

Why she attracted only drunken love was beyond her comprehension.

Or, was it?

Drunks are smarter than the average bear, all the pundits claim. Deeper, too. Why they find…

Ruth Ann Scanzillo

Ruth Ann Scanzillo is a 25 year Baby Boomer veteran of public arts education w/34 years as symphonic cellist and chamber pianist; now, writing seems important.

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